[vdr] HDTV recording with VDR, some results

"Sami J. Mäkinen" sjm at almamedia.fi
Sat Apr 16 09:24:50 CEST 2005

Antti Hartikainen wrote:
>> ProSieben 
>> HD;ProSiebenSat.1:11435:vC56:S19.2E:22000:255:257=deu;259=deu:0:0:658:133:6:0 

> Huh.
> Does prosieben actually work in Finland?

I did not make this up. :)

> I looked at some footprints and the beam was weak at Finland (except 
> western coast).
> http://www.ses-astra.com/satellites/footprints.php?sat=10

> I have multifocus dish and manufacturer says it's about 70-75cm per 
> satellite. Does anyone have any experience with multifocus and prosieben 
> in southern Finland?

My dish setup is as follows:

1) Triax multifocus with four LNB:s
    Astra1, Hotbird, Sirius and Thor
    (S19.2E, S13.0E, S5.0E, S1.0W)

2) A regular 80cm dish for Eurobird/Astra2 (S28.2E)

DiSeqC setup is like this:

# LNB Diagram:
#  ---------------------
#  |    4-port switch  |-- to receiver
#  ---------------------
#   1     2     3     4
#   |     |     |     |
# 19.2E 13.0E 28.2E  A/B
#  LNB   LNB   LNB   | |
#                 5.0E 1.0W
#                 LNB  LNB


I wrote a diseqc.conf by hand for my setup. A diseqc documentation
pdf from eutelsat was of great help.

I live in Siuro, Nokia. That is 25km West of Tampere. Prosieben
works just fine, along with many other channels. :)

-- sjm
"Lämpömittari tuottaa henkilökohtaiseen käyttöön yleisluontoisia
  mittaustuloksia, jotka voivat poiketa tieteellisistä mittaustuloksista."
  - Nokia 5140 puhelimen manuaali, joka ei kehtaa sanoa suoraan.

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