[vdr] HDTV w/ FF card

Carsten Koch Carsten.Koch at icem.com
Thu Apr 21 13:24:36 CEST 2005

Dr. Werner Fink wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 21, 2005 at 09:19:15AM +0200, gfiala at s.netic.de wrote:
>>How's the chance the firmware is being fixed not to crash but to gracefully 
>>ignore data it can't handle? Some configurable plausibility checks on header 
>>data would certainly do (This would obviously also help on the subject off ARM 
>>crashes upon loss of signal or garbage received) 
> Does not work due to the fact that the firmware uses
> the onboard PROM and is build with help of a binary
> only library ... even the firmware hackers do not
> know much what is in the library and on the PROM.

Gee, back 5 years ago when I bought my first FF card to build
a VDR system out of an old 150MHz PentiumPro PC, it seemed
like a nice idea to have the MPEG decoder on the card.
Today, given the facts that

*  a FF card costs as much as 3 or more budget cards
*  a FF card has smaller bandwidth that a budget card
    and thus can record less streams in parallel
*  a FF card contains closed source firmware that
    crases on various perfectly legitimate occasions
    (such as distorted signal due to bad weather or
     HDTV signals)

I am wondering how well the alternative solutions which
do not require a FF card work.

Is a FF card still the most stable solution (except for
bad weather or HDTV of course)?
How reliable is the latest xine plugin?
How reliable is the latest framebuffer plugin?
Are there more solutions that work with a budget card alone?


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