[vdr] cursor positioning with wrap

Husterer, Thomas RD-CP1 Thomas.Husterer at heidelberg.com
Wed Apr 27 17:48:13 CEST 2005

while using the vdr I missed the following feature:

When using the vdr-menus I often have to move to the end of the 
menu-list but the cursor normally appears on the first menuitem.
In this case I wanted to jump from the first item directly to the 
last item. 
This could be implemented as wrap-feature in the cursor-up-down
After this change I noticed a little loss of orientation
when I moved through the whole menu-list with the autoscroll cursor.
The time delays of screen update and of the remotecontrol leaded to
confusing wraps at the end of the menu.
This could be solved by watching timeouts before the wrap-around is
executed. This means that the wrap is only done when the cursor keys
are pressed slowly (without auto repeat).
My orientation was then increased by another modification which
ensures a strict pagination. This means that a page starts always at 
the same item regardless of any cursor or page movement, at the last
Page are shown only some remaining items. It is not filled by moving 
the contents towards the bottom of the screen.
Page starts are always at indices i*PAGELENGTH.
There is the possibility of showing some overlapping items by reducing
the PAGELENGTH by M and show M items of the next page at the generated
free space at the end of the screen.

Is anybody interested in these features?
How shall this behaviour be activated? 
Via setup or via compiler switches?
I could generate a patch but the customization code is still missing.

Regards, thus

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