[vdr] Volume control with analogtv and pvr350

Hans Matzen hans at hansmatzen.de
Sat Apr 30 11:00:01 CEST 2005


I have the following problem controlling the volume
with my vdr-1.3.11, analogtv 0.9.33 and pvr350.0.0.3 (pvr350 is the only 
card my system).

if I press the volume keys on my remote the osd displays the bar and 
shows the change adding or removing those cute vertical bars :-) but 
the volume does not change.

well, I thought it might be not implemented and did a quick hack to the 
pvr350 plugin implenting the SetVolumeDevice method.
the result is that I can now control volume while watching TV,
but nothing still happends (only the OSD) while watching a recording 
even though the SetVolumeDevice method of the pvr350 plugin is called.

I guess pvr350 is only a output device for tv, not for a player (?)
and that might be the explanation (TV Input=4, player Input=5).

any ideas how this can be improved ?



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