[vdr] MSI MS-6215

xzzyx at hotmail.com xzzyx at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 23 10:29:30 CET 2005

Looking at the archives I noticed a few people have (or had!) a MSI
MS-6215. I'm curious as to whether you have found the performance
adequate (I have a 1 GHz PIII) and noise level satisfactory.
How can noise be reduced? (I am not very hardwarily inclined) Is it 
possible somehow to soft-off the machine and wake it up at a 
pre-determined time with linvdr or another package - the BIOS appears to 

I noticed that a few people have removed their floppy drives. Is this
due to heat problems with mounting a HD in the intended position above
the CPU? If there is no problem can anyone suggest where I can obtain
the HD bracket since I got my barebones machine without one.

Has anyone tried making the power supply external to minimise heat?

Finally, does anyone have any good ideas to minimise dust entry to the
machine other than putting the machine inside a cabinet.

Thanks for any help,


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