[vdr] vdr-xine audio problem

Jouni Karvo jouni.karvo at tkk.fi
Tue Mar 29 18:42:05 CEST 2005


after something I have not any more had any sound from vdr +
vdr-xine.  I am wondering what is the problem.

xine says this:

audio_alsa_out:open pause_resume=1
output sample rate 48000
audio jump, diff=0
video_out: throwing away image with pts 142047 because it's too old
(diff : 21552).
video_out: throwing away image with pts 143847 because it's too old
(diff : 19752).
VDR: flush buffers (vb: 0, ab: 0, vf: 0, af: 0) done.
prebuffer=0 pts
audio_out: no streams left, closing driver
audio discontinuity #4, type is 0, disc_off 0

Is the line with "no streams left" something that should happen?

Any ideas where to start looking?  xineplayer can output 5.1 sound
when used with mp3 plugin, so the audio out can output at least


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