[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-osdteletext-0.5-pre1

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Wed Mar 30 17:19:50 CEST 2005

Anssi Hannula wrote:
> The "Half page" (don't confuse with "zoom") function doesn't do anything
> here.

Feared that... ;)
The new code tries to fit the half-height mode into existing OSD memory,
but CanHandleAreas is too optimistic in calculating the memory size.
I already calculate using 10 lines backup, but thats not enough obviously...

display.c, line 244:
    // Add some backup
    // CanHandleAreas is not accurate enough
    if (Upper) {
    } else {
Try increasing the +/- 10 here...

> The "change background" appears to work with xine, but not in my FF DVB
> card.

At least works for my card, without re-initializing the osd.

> I have configured the teletext osd to be smaller than normal so that it
> has full colors. It was previously positioned in the right down corner,
> but now it is in the middle of screen. Could there be a configuration
> option for this?

The new default is to center inside VDR's osd area, and not squish it
into the corner. Some offset option could be added.

> BTW, normal-height text has always been very flickering, even more when
> resized to smaller size. Is there anything that could be done to avoid
> that?

Probably interlaced trouble. With an OSD height of 506 lines, pixels
will be same on even and odd frames. Anything with less lines will
sometimes have 1-pixel thin lines, appearing only on one frame, causing
it to flicker.

> Another BTW: couldn't it be possible to use multiple 2bpp drawing areas
> with invidual intelligent palettes to have more colors than 2bpp mode
> currently has?

:) My thought. There's already an interface for different OSD areas with
different color mappings, but no code to calculate best colors.
Even better would be some really smart code that calculates optimized
zone areas and uses 1bpp, 2bpp and 4bpp to get the maximum out of it.
But this is a hard job to calculate...



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