[Fwd: Re: [vdr] Patch: dxr3plugin OSD don't turn pink]

anthony hornby anthony.hornby at cdu.edu.au
Thu Mar 31 11:29:48 CEST 2005

Hi Ville,
finally got around to trying out the Fedora 3 rpms - they work well -
thanks :-)

Still have the odd problem with 1.3.17 where I have to select a channel
press "switch" then select it again ( from the "what's on now" menu only -
oddly) and then press switch again to get it to change channel. 

Any suggestions on how to track down what might be causing this? I have
had this problem with all versions of vdr post 1.3.12 - it is not
related to your rpms. 

Also saw the fix for the pink OSD - I modified the vdr-dxr3 src rpm from you to incorporate this patch,
rebuilt it and it works well - great, that's one major annoyance for me fixed.

Thanks again for the rpms and all the great work.

Regards Anthony.

On Thu, 2005-03-31 at 00:16 +0300, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-03-30 at 13:48 퍭㐱ꫭ詰骧૨뗠ⶵ꜡秛梶᢬ posting is a patch which fixes the odd problem making 
> > the osd
> > turn pink after returning from mplayer or after hardware-reset of the 
> > dxr3-card.
> > I posted this fix in a german-vdr-forum a couple of months ago and it
> > works for other users there, too. I haven't found the time to post it 
> > here (other users hadn't either:) )...  so,
> > here it is.
> Yep, works for me too, thanks.
> However, the patch gave me the creeps, so I dug a little deeper.  I
> found that the only thing needed to fix the pink OSD here was to comment
> out the "m_users[i] == 0" test in AddColor() and unconditionally setting
> m_changed to true there, or to set it to true in GetIndex() when the
> color was found.  Both of those were still ugly.  Then I noticed that
> the counters in m_users were not being reset to zero when they IMO
> should have been, and came up with the attached patch which I think
> would be more appropriate.  (Also applied to the vdr-dxr3-0-2 branch in
> CVS.)
> With this one applied, I no longer get pink OSD after returning from the
> MPlayer plugin.  But after "Reset DXR3", the OSD is still momentarily
> pink immediately after; things return to normal when the OSD is
> hidden/shown again.
> Reviews/testing welcome...
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