AW: [vdr] OSD with xine and opengl ?

Martin Martin at
Thu Apr 6 12:50:35 CEST 2006

But you have to zoom most of the times. I use 1024x768 pixles @ 100HZ to
overcome all the deinterlacing sh... :-)

Use "auto" settings on the video settings in Xine and everything is fine.
Scaling, OSD .. with little CPU load. So why fiddle arround with something,
that only works half. 

I am using Pentium M 1,7GHz with a NVIDIA FX 5200 .. 


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On 06/04/06, Martin <Martin at> wrote:

> OpenGL is nice, but too slow .. and you need to check fort he right
> mode in Xine. Then the OSD works .. with standard settings you won't get
> lucky and do not see anything .. I did do this in the past.
> Take xv or better xxmc, if you are able to get it working, as it has best
> quality with less CPU.

My GL implementation is quiete good : nvidia one, and I like the
transparency I
can have with Xgl/compiz which mean opengl is a must here !!!

Everyone should really try Xgl and compiz :-)

That's the next userinterface ;-)

My biggest problem is that I can't zoom with opengl... and of course the
OSD is also a problem.
Grégoire FAVRE

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