[vdr] vdr crash during replay

Jörg Wendel vdr-ml at jwendel.de
Sat Apr 8 09:04:26 CEST 2006


I have a little problem when replaying recordings. Sometimes (seldom) vdr 
crashes during replay. I can't reproduce it, the same recording works fine 
when i play it next time. The problem occurs about once a week. The vdr 
Version is 1.3.45 with Bigpatch, With older versions it was the same, i don't 
know exactly with with version is begun.

When i check the backtrace its always the same, the mi pointer cMarks::Get is 

The backtrace:

#0  Get__6cMarksi (this=0x8621f10, Position=8780) at recording.c:1429
1429          if (mi->position == Position)
(gdb) bt
#0  Get__6cMarksi (this=0x8621f10, Position=8780) at recording.c:1429
#1  0x080a3546 in Action__10cDvbPlayer (this=0x87a77b8) at dvbplayer.c:692
#2  0x080ff884 in StartThread__7cThreadP7cThread (Thread=0x87a77c4) at 
#3  0xb7ee30ba in pthread_start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
(gdb) list
1424    }
1426    cMark *cMarks::Get(int Position)
1427    {
1428      for (cMark *mi = First(); mi; mi = Next(mi)) {
1429          if (mi->position == Position)
1430             return mi;
1431          }
1432      return NULL;
1433    }
(gdb) p mi
$1 = (cMark *) 0x31
(gdb) p *mi
Cannot access memory at address 0x49
(gdb) p Position
$2 = 8780

Tanks and Greetings
Jörg Wendel

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