[vdr] [Announce] epgsearch-0.9.15

Christian Wieninger cwieninger at gmx.de
Fri Apr 14 23:16:44 CEST 2006


here's the next release of epgsearch:

2006-04-14: Version 0.9.15
- the EPG menus can now be customized with the file epgsearchmenu.conf 
  file in 'conf' subdirectory), e.g. the entry:
  MenuWhatsOnNow=%chnr%:3|%progrt2s%:5| %time% 
%t_status%:8|%category%:6| %title% ~ %subtitle%:35
  creates a menu line starting with the channel number, followed by a 
  bar in text2skin style, the start time, the timer status, the EPG category
  (like "movie") and finally the title and subtitle.
  You can customize each menu ('What's on now, next, other times, 
schedule and
  search results with a separate line). Please refer to the MANUAL for more
- IMPORTANT change to search timers: epgsearch now removes timers, that are
  not needed anymore (if vdr >= 1.3.44). These are:
  * timers, that are no more valid because of EPG changes. This should avoid
    the double recordings after an EPG change.
  * timers, that do not match the search criterions after a change of the
    search timer. So you don't have to remove them manually anymore.
  If the user has modified start or stop of such a timer, it will be kept.
- new search mode 'fuzzy' in searches. This performs a fuzzy search
  applying an algorithm like it's used in agrep. The error tolerance can be
  set with the edit field 'Tolerance'.
- added the 'one press' timer creation feature in EPG menus as introduced in
  vdr-1.3.38 with one small difference: If the event is already running or
  about to start within MarginStart + 2 minutes, the timer edit menu will be
  popup to allow editing the file/directory entry, because this cannot be
  changed when the recording immediatly starts. Else, the timer is created
  immediately. Can be turned off in setup.
- with the red button in epgsearch's own timer edit menu one can now 
delete an
  existing timer, suggested by Rolf Ahrenberg.
- if the main menu entry is not hidden, it's name can now be set by setup.
  (Note: when changing the name to something different than the default, 
it is
  no more dependent on the OSD language)
- changed the default main menu entry from 'Search' to 'Program guide'
- some people requested a separate main menu entry for epgsearch's search
  menu. Therefore I've added a little plugin called 'epgsearchonly' that
  simply calls epgsearch's search menu. It's main menu entry is
  'Search'. Compilation of epgsearchonly is automatically done, but can be
  switched off in the Makefile when uncommenting the line
  #WITHOUT_EPGSEARCHONLY=1. To use it simply put '-P epgsearchonly' to your
  VDR start script. (requires >= vdr-1.3.30)
- new service interface "Epgsearch-searchmenu-v1.0" to call epgsearch's 
  menu from other plugins.
- new action 'Delete created timers?' for search entries to delete all 
  created from the current search timer. Does not affect recording timers.
- When deleting a search, you can now decide if all timers created from this
  search should also be deleted.
- If the user modifies the start/stop time of a timer created by epgsearch
  this timer will not be changed anymore(only vdr >= 1.3.44 )
- If an event is currently recorded, the status flag in the EPG menus is now
  'R' instead of 'T'
- Support for wareagle-icon-patch (activate it by adding the line
  'WarEagleIcons=1' to epgsearchmenu.conf)
- Progressbar in Now/Next beautified when using setup option 'graphical',
  inspired by Nordlichts-EPG-Plugin
- new setup option to show/hide radio channels in the EPG menus, 
suggested by
  Patrice Staudt.
- new service interface "Epgsearch-searchresults-v1.0", that returns a 
  list of events matching a given search, suggested by Andreas Brugger
- removed some special setup options, because their function can also be
  realized with a customized menu now:
  * "show progress bar in 'Next'", in default menu now off
  * "display width for progressbar", in default menu now 4
  * "show short channel name", in default now always short
  * "Show episode text in schedules", now always displayed
- update for finnish translation, thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg
- aux field is now formatted in full XML style (if vdr >= 1.3.44). As a 
  of this, an updated recordingdone.sh is provided in the 'scripts'
  subdirectory. Thanks to Mike Constabel for providing a patch.
- search timer update now always runs in low priority, suggested by 
- new SVDRP command 'FIND'. This allows searching an event and returns a 
  of results consisting of 'NEWT' lines, that can be used to immediately
  create a timer for a result. Suggested by Lari Tuononen
- thanks to Darren Salt for patches for g++ 4.1 and some things concerning
  thread safeness and code review
- fixed some memory leaks
- fixed calling user defined EPG commands, thanks to rzndl at vdrportal
- fixed blacklist match for search timers, thanks to Christian Jacobsen
- make sure that the episode name of a timer is less then
  MAX_SUBTITLE_LENGTH, thanks to Mike Constabel
- speedup for search timer update

Description and download:


wget: http://people.freenet.de/cwieninger/vdr-epgsearch-0.9.15.tgz



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