[vdr] astra and hotbird

Richard Lithvall richard at lithvall.se
Fri Apr 21 11:08:31 CEST 2006

On 2006-04-21 10:13, Oliver Joa wrote:

>>> and if i have a third card. does vdr know which card can use diseqc 
>>> and which not. is it possible to configure this?
>> The easiest way to have full support for multiple sat positions
>> and multiple DVB cards is to use a multiswitch.
> yes, but i want to save money. i need hotbird only for 1 or 2 channels 
> and only very seldom. a multiswitch is very expensive and need powersupply.

No, VDR does assume that all channels are available on all cards of the 
same type (DVB-S/T/C)...
...but you might make use of the CA-field in channels.conf to dedicate 
channels to one card (CA value 1-4 dedicates the channel to the 
corresponding card) but I don't know how VDR handles the diseqc.conf on 
the card that lacks a disecq-switch.

If you want to save (some) money buy a third diseqc-switch for your 
third card instead of a multiswitch and you'll get all the benefits of a 
multi card system.


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