[vdr] A more none tech german translation

Thilo Wunderlich vdr at speedway.org
Sat Apr 22 20:11:47 CEST 2006

Sorry, but a lot of terms you propose are not used in real world...
This is a reason why I do not use Germanized version of Linux etc.
I simply do not understand a lot of terms.

-    "Reset",
+    "Rücksetzen",

Noone says "Rücksetzen" ...
How about 


-    "Zeitpuffer bei Anfang (min)",
+    "Vorlauf zum Timer-Beginn (min)",

Zeitpuffer is better than Vorlauf, how about

Zeitpuffer vor dem Timer (min)

or if you insinst on Vorlauf

Vorlaufzeit vor dem Timer (min)

-    "Zeitpuffer bei Ende (min)",
+    "Nachlauf am Timer-Ende (min)",

Same here, 

Zeitpuffer nach dem Timer (min)

Nachlaufzeit nach Timer (min)

-    "Zeitpuffer bei VPS (s)",
+    "Zeitvorlauf bei VPS (s)",

Zeitpuffer bei VPS (s) or
Vorlaufzeit bei VPS (s)

-    "Mindest Event Pause (min)",
+    "Brückenzeit zwischen Timern (min)",

I have no idea what this means (I don't use this option) so I 
do not understand it at all which is bad. Every option should
be easily understood without looking into the manual.

-    "Fernbedienungs-Codes lernen",
+    "Fernbedienung anlernen",

You don't teach the remotecontrol but you teach vdr, so
this one is misleading.
Could be

Fernbedienungstasten lernen

-    "Phase 2: Einzelne Tastencodes lernen",
+    "Phase 2: Tastenbelegung anlernen",

anlernen sounds strange, why not

Phase 2: Tastenbelegung lernen

-    "Phase 3: Codes abspeichern",
+    "Phase 3: Tastenbelegung abspeichern",

Phase 3: Tastenbelegung speichern

Thilo Wunderlich

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