[vdr] Softdevice and libsoftmpeg: current status ?

Ondrej Wisniewski ondrej.wisniewski at ericsson.com
Wed Mar 1 09:30:02 CET 2006

Hi everyone,

I am dreaming of a small and quite VDR streaming client. This would be
achieved with an EPIA-M board which has everything on board that's
needed (ethernet, sound, s-video out, MPEG2 decoder).

The software I would run on such a setup would be VDR with
streamdev-client and softdevice. I guess this would work well if the
MPEG2 hardware decoder on the EPIA was used by softdevice.

On the VDR WIKI it says that the most promising feature for future
development of softdevice would be the integration of *libsoftmpeg*
which would most likely support HW decoding (e.g. CLE266 support).

The latest news I read about development of libsoftmpeg dates one and a
half year back. Things were quite experimental then. Can anyone give an
update of the current status of this project? Is it still alive?
Any chance of seeing support for MPEG2 HW decoding on the EPIA-M in the
near future?


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