[vdr] Post recording script and automatic power off problems

mc8647tv at mclink.it mc8647tv at mclink.it
Wed Mar 1 09:30:52 CET 2006

My need is to have a radio recording transformed to MP3 and transferred on anoher pc automatically. So I tried to write a simple script that checks for "after" parameter and checks the file name to be sure it is of the right "timer.
Since I know I should return control as soon as possible to VDR, in the script I create another file containing all the commands needed for the conversions and then run 
at -f script-I-create now
So the script should start asyncronously and without any depencies on stdin stdout and the like BUT it is NEVER executed !!!!

If I run the post-recording script from the command line everything is ok; when vdr calls the post-recording script the AT command is not honoured !

Any clue ?

ps: I now added the full command path to at, just to see if it is the reason

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