[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDRAdmin-AM-3.4.3

Andreas Mair Andreas.Mair at linogate.com
Wed Mar 1 13:44:55 CET 2006


VDRAdmin-AM-3.4.3 is available at http://andreas.vdr-developer.org/en

This release is not compatible to VDR v1.3.44+
I'm working on a compatible version and will have to do some final test. I 
expect a beta release someday next week.

There's also a new BugTrackingSystem which is the preferred way of reporting 
bugs. You'll find it on the VDRAdmin-AM homepage if you follow the "Bugs" 

Have fun!

*** HISTORY ***
2006-03-01: 3.4.3
-  *** This release is not compatible to VDR >=1.3.44 ***
- Show TV noise if grabbing fails (only VDR >= v1.3.38).
- Fixed: don't crash (on LinVDR) if AutoTimer email notification is enabled 
but Net::SMTP is missing (Reported by Foobar42).
- Fixed: testing an AutoTimer that is edited (not newly added) lead to a new 
AutoTimer instead of replacing the old one.
- Don't show streaming button in prog_summary if event is currently not 
broadcasted (Requested by Hardy Flor).
- Show search pattern in prog_summary instead of current time (Reported by 
Hardy Flor).
- Send correct encoded emails for AutoTimer notifications (Thanks a lot to 
Ferdinand Grassmann for reporting/ideas/testing).
- Do not program timers in the past (Reported by Ferdinand Grassmann).
- Fixed "Length of base64 data not a multiple of 4" warning (Reported by 
Johan Larsson).

2006-02-10: 3.4.3rc3
- Changed handling of refering pages; should work much better now.

2006-02-06: 3.4.3rc2
- For timers that are checked by AutoTimer for start/stop times the 
broadcast's length must at least match 90% of the original timer's length 
(excluding before/behind buffers).
- Reworked detection of already programmed AutoTimers and made it compatible 
to VDR v1.3.23+ (Based on suggestions by Jouni Karvo).
- Don't crash if illegal characters are used for searching (Reported by 
- Fixed error after progamming a timer if VDRAdmin is accessed through 
apache (Reported by speed).
- If there were quotes in an AutoTimer's pattern and you clicked "test" the 
pattern got cleared (Reported by The_Pit).

2006-01-17: 3.4.3rc
- Changed program name to VDRAdmin-AM to make clear it's a fork of VDRAdmin.
- Added "Help" and "About" to navigation bar at the left.
- Hide "Record" button if prog_detail is opened from timer_list.
- After clicking "Record" in prog_detail and leaving timer_new return to 
page where prog_detail has been opened (Reported by Ferdinand Grassmann).
- Timers were re-programmed every CheckTimers() call if setup option "do not 
add summary to timers" is active (Reported by Ferdinand Grassmann).
- Dropped sendEmail dependency. Now uses Net::SMTP modules (Patch by Ville 
- Don't show EPG images for other events (Fixed by Ferdinand Grassmann).
- Changed GRAB so that it doesn't use temporary files for VDR >=1.3.38.
- VPS for timers (Requested by reibuehl).
- Made extension and mimetype for both live and recordings streaming 
configurable (Suggested at vdrportal.de).
- Understand format of VDR v1.3.38+ "lste" command (Thanks to Marcus 
- In skin "default": returning from timer_new didn't scroll to the line 
where "Rec" has been called in prog_list/prog_list2 (Reported by Foobar42)
- Fixed installing of missing Perl modules.

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