[vdr] vdr missed VPS timer

Jan Wagner wagner at netsols.de
Thu Mar 2 07:28:40 CET 2006

Hi there,

last night vdr missed another VPS timer:

Mar  1 23:19:27 vdr vdr: [15494] channel 1 (Das Erste) event 23:20 'Sportschau live' status 4
Mar  1 23:58:00 vdr vdr: [15488] timer 4 (1 0000-0040 'Harald Schmidt~Harald Schmidt') entered VPS margin
Mar  2 00:06:41 vdr vdr: [15494] channel 1 (Das Erste) event 00:00 'Nachtmagazin' status 4
Mar  2 00:11:12 vdr vdr: [15488] deleting timer 3 (1 0000-0040 'Harald Schmidt~Harald Schmidt')
Mar  2 00:27:22 vdr vdr: [15494] channel 1 (Das Erste) event 00:25 'Harald Schmidt' status 4

Can it be that ARD changed the VPS time since I programmed the timer a
couple of hours before? Why is vdr deleting the timer 10 minutes after
not seeing the event, because of the "Nachtmagazin" at 00:00 (the
programmed VPS time of "Harald Schmidt")? If they change the VPS time as
they wish, what are they good for then? Or did vdr make a mistake?

Cheers Jan

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