[vdr] suggestion for shutdown-handling

Helmut Auer vdr at helmutauer.de
Thu Mar 2 09:34:42 CET 2006


>> Generally I like your idea :)
>> But I would prefer to give the cPlugin Class a Busy member ( which returns
>> false by default and could be changed by the plugin ) and vdr asks all
>> plugins if they are busy and if any of these is busy the user must confirm
>> the shutdown.
> Well, that was my first thought - and there already exists patches to do 
> exactly this. Then I heard, that that kind of extension was undesired in the 
> vdr.
> May be, because a buggy plugin could prevent the vdr from shutdown?
> Using the mode of operation, a plugin could query and change the state, but 
> the vdr stays beeing the master and could overwrite the mode of operation at 
> any time.
> Hope I understood the things right.
VDR is always the master :-) There is no big difference between both "solutions".
In both cases vdr will shutdown if the user confirms it.

Helmut Auer, helmut at helmutauer.de

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