[vdr] suggestion for shutdown-handling

geronimo geronimo013 at gmx.de
Thu Mar 2 11:08:41 CET 2006

> You should have started a new message, instead of replying
> to an existing one. Now I ahve one thread with two mingled
> subjects in my inbox.

Sorry for that - but where is the thread identifier?
I changed the subject.
... or is "[vdr]" your thread-id?
If so, I beg your pardon, as I thought it was a ML-Id.

> > - my question did not focus the technical format but the ideally format /
> > permission.
> >
> >>Regarding shutdown: no more changes before version 1.4.
> >
> > I did not mention any version or roadmap.
> > I just asked for (especially) your opinion.
> I am currently in the process of making a stable version 1.4,
> so I just don't have the time to get involved in such discussions.
> I just thought I'd let you know that I won't make any changes in that
> area before version 1.4. After that, we can talk about this.

Sorry for disturbing!

kind regards


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