[vdr] [RFC] plugins replacing main menu entries 1-4

Christian Wieninger cwieninger at gmx.de
Fri Mar 3 13:58:01 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
> Basically I don't mind doing this.


> However, originally I was trying to get a first release candidate for
> version 1.4 ready this weekend, but with every new patch that people
> want to get in, things are, of course, going to be delayed.
> Well, since a few unexpected things came up for this weekend, anyway,
> I guess I'll have to abandon that deadline altogether. Which means that
> I might as well take a few more weeks and get some more patches in...

ok, I can understand you. If it's not part of 1.4, I'll wait for 1.5, 
although it would be nice to get rid of another patch. (yes, I know it's 
another patch for you ;-) )


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