[vdr] Streaming compliant with IPTV STB

Bernardo Cardoso jbernardo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 14:06:01 CET 2006

On 2/11/06, Vladimir Kangin <v at kangin.org> wrote:
> I would like to raise a discussion about VDR compliance with a wide
> range available STBs (Set-Top-Box) for IPTV carrier integration.
> The advantage of such compliance is obvious - low cost of STB. The cost
> of STB is in the range of 80-150 USD.

I have more or less a proof-of-concept of what you want done. The problem is
that is was done as a proof-of-concept and is just that is kludgy at best

1) multicast MPEG-TS streaming support;

This is actually quite simple to implement, and is not that dificult do do
in a plugin, that's what I did, I just implemented a Receiver Plugin, that
get the TS packets, adds PAT and PMT and send that stream to a multicast
address. Everything quite hard coded, but it works, and shows how it could
be done.

2) vdradmin support for multiuser STB environment.

That I never did, just some SVDRP commands via .php, and no HTML overlay (I
know that it's possible I just did it as proof-of-concept never to release
or anything).

Above development could affect the design of VDR in general, I would
> like to discuss it in details.

I'm all for it, if anyone want my crude code and improve on it and
understand what I mean by kludgy and crude, it's ok to me.

Bernardo Cardoso
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