[vdr] Softdevice xv and nvidia

Martin Wache M.Wache at gmx.net
Fri Mar 3 16:02:07 CET 2006

Burak BAYER schrieb:

>> A bunch of us tried and tried to get the FX series of cards to work
>> with softdevice and DFB with no luck, there was OSD display, but never
>> video, nearly was the same problem for the GT series cards..

Are you using DFB together with the vesaFB? If you do that you don't
have access to the hardware acceleration, and the softdevice only
supports video over the hardware scaler. You need a special framebuffer
driver for nvidia as well as a driver for you card in DFB to get the
hardware acceleration.

You can instead try to use X11/Xv, but also there we got some reports on
buggy drivers. Or use the softdevice with plain 15/16bit framebuffer,
but I can't recommend that (it's slow and I don't know anyone who uses
I'm sorry, but to my knowledge nvidia is due to the bad driver support
not a good choice for use with the softdevice...


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