[vdr] Softdevice xv and nvidia

Martin Wache M.Wache at gmx.net
Fri Mar 3 17:39:01 CET 2006

Burak BAYER schrieb:
> Martin Wache wrote:
>> Burak BAYER schrieb:
>>>> A bunch of us tried and tried to get the FX series of cards to work
>>>> with softdevice and DFB with no luck, there was OSD display, but never
>>>> video, nearly was the same problem for the GT series cards..
>> Are you using DFB together with the vesaFB? If you do that you don't
>> have access to the hardware acceleration, and the softdevice only
>> supports video over the hardware scaler. You need a special framebuffer
>> driver for nvidia as well as a driver for you card in DFB to get the
>> hardware acceleration.
>> You can instead try to use X11/Xv, but also there we got some reports on
>> buggy drivers. Or use the softdevice with plain 15/16bit framebuffer,
>> but I can't recommend that (it's slow and I don't know anyone who uses
>> it..).
>> I'm sorry, but to my knowledge nvidia is due to the bad driver support
>> not a good choice for use with the softdevice...
>> Bye,
>> Martin
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> I cannot get fb work with official nvidia drivers.. Is there any way to
> do this?? I am using nvidiafb from kernel..
Sorry, I don't have a nvidia card and can't say much on this... Maybe
you should ask on the DFB list. Or buy a Matrox card, they are well
supported and quite cheap (10-20 Euro at ebay)


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