[vdr] [RFC] plugins replacing main menu entries 1-4

Patrick Fischer patrick_fischer at gmx.de
Fri Mar 3 23:28:16 CET 2006

Christian Wieninger schrieb:

> Hi Klaus,
> meanwhile there are many plugins, that could be used as a replacement 
> for some of VDR's main menu entries, like "schedule" or "channels". 
> Please don't get me wrong, you've done a great job, but some plugin 
> authors too ;-) And if the user likes to use a plugin instead of the 
> builtin function, why not?
> A real replacement currently can only be done when patching VDR, so 
> what do you think about the following change of the MenuMain 
> constructor in menu.c? :

Wouldn't it be enough to hide the original Menu entries?

An another way could be that the Plugin returns not the MAINMENUENTRY:
virtual const char *MainMenuEntry(void) { return MAINMENUENTRY; }

It could return the Name of the Plugin it would like to replace.
virtual const char *MainMenuEntry(void) { return "Timers"; }

I have some patches and Idears for the OSD and Menu usibility but I will 
wait for 1.4 befor I will post them.

Best regards,
Patrick Fischer

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