[vdr] DVD with AC3 audio question

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Sat Mar 4 12:57:10 CET 2006

Kartsa wrote:
>> From: Kartsa
>> I tried to find any previous threads about how to get AC3 audio out 
>> of DVD's. Could not find. Sorry if this has been discussed before.
>> I am not sure how to do that.
>> I have vdr-1.3.23 and dvd-0.3.6-b03 and DVD with AC3 sound is not 
>> producing any sound in FF cards audio out.
>> Should I have AC3 bitstreamout plugin and get AC3 sound out from 
>> soundcard?
> Doesn't anybody have any hints? I tried the -a option but if I try a 
> DVD with AC3 sound vdr just exits and restarts on the channel it 
> happend to be before trying the DVD play. MP2 audio DVD's works fine.
> Oh, and I updated to vdr-1.3.43 with dvd-0.3.7_pre20060204. Also 
> updated firmware to 2622.
> And the log does not tell much
> Mar  4 10:37:06 vdr: [7342] dvd-plugin thread started (pid=7342, 
> tid=7342)
> Mar  4 10:37:06 vdr: [7342] dvd-plugin: BitStreamOutActive=0, 
> HasBitStreamOut=0 (0)
> Mar  4 10:37:06 vdr: [7342] dvd-plugin: SoftDeviceOutActive=0, 
> HasSoftDeviceOut=0
> Mar  4 10:37:11 lircd 0.7.0[4667]: removed client
> Mar  4 10:37:21 vdr: [7349] VDR version 1.3.43 started
> \\Kartsa
I can not help you more than saying that AC3 audio with DVD-plugin and 
VDR-1.3.43 and firmware 2622 works for me.

I use DVD-plugin from CVS and do not set any options.

Here you find CVS version:
:pserver:anonymous at cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/dvdplugin

I believe that AC3 basically works on your system (on TV-channels) ?

Regards Peter


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