[vdr] VDR and MythTV

Damien Bally biribi at free.fr
Sat Mar 4 16:12:37 CET 2006

Dag Nygren a écrit :
> Hi list,
> I am currently running MythTV in my box but very
> seriously considering moving over to the VDR camp,
> mainly because of the strange and hostinle climate
> on the Myth developer list/community.
> Just spend some time reading the VDR list and this seems
> to work a lot better and chacking the software it also seems
> to be a lot more modular and well built.
> Anyway I wonder if there are anyone here that have made this
> "jump" and can tell me what I am going to miss and what I will like
> before I take the big step.
Personnaly, I switched to vdr since dvb-t was launched in my area and 
Mythtv (0.18) disapointed me : slow channel changing, no signal 
monitoring, buggy support for hardware mpeg2 decoding (nvidia).

So I adopted vdr and I'm quite happy with it :

- much better picture with a dxr3 card that is well supported by vdr
- very light software (no X11 no mysql needed)
- simpler OSD than MythTV (which was too computerish for my wife).
- regular updates.

Now there is Mythtv 0.19 which seems to be a major update and fixes many 
of the points above.
But I don't regret my choice and I will go vdr for a while.


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