[vdr] DVD with AC3 audio question

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Sun Mar 5 14:42:03 CET 2006

Kartsa wrote:
>> From: "Karl Herz" <karl.herz at gmx.de>
>>> Kartsa wrote:
>>> The problem is that there is no TV channels with AC3 sounds that I 
>>> can verify with. But the same DVD can be played back on my DVD 
>>> player which is connected to my A/V receivers coaxial input.
>>> The problem is that vdr quits when I've specified the -a option and 
>>> I try to watch a DVD with AC3 sound.
>>> I take that you use the -a option with vdr? May I ask what your vdr 
>>> start command looks like?
>>> Anyway I'll have to try the CVS version of DVD plugin.
>>> Maybe the reason is that my FF card is a dvb-c Technotrend :)
>> Did you use an AC3 sound decoder?
>> I use the a52dec decoder, therefore my vdr -a option looks like this:
>> vdr -a '/usr/local/bin/a52dec -o oss6' ...
>> Cheers,
>> Karl
> I was in the impression that the AC3 stream would come out from the 
> SPDIF connector which I have connected to my A/V receiver which has 
> the decoder. Or am I missing here something? I have vdr -a ac3play.

You are right - the AC3 decoder is your A/V-receiver. For me it works 
and I do not set the -a option at all. Just ./vdr -Pdvd ...
Did you tried the dvd CVS version?

You said that you never used AC3 before because you do not receive 
AC3-channels from your cable network. On my Hauppauge FF-card the 
firmware must do a trick do deliver AC3 on the SPDIF by encapsulating 
the AC3 pakets in PCM. Some AV-receivers cannot handle that. I believe 
that Technotrend is the same.

Maybe that's a problem but it is probably not the reason why VDR crashes 
when replaying AC3 DVDs.

So please try the following:

- install CVS version of DVD plugin
- start VDR without -a option
- verify setup (VDR and plugin) that AC3 out is enabled.

Regards Peter

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