[vdr] Wrong behaviour in cStatus::OsdTextItem

Joachim Wilke joachim.wilke at gmail.com
Sun Mar 5 19:43:50 CET 2006

Hello everyone,

tracking down some strange behaviour (a segfault ;-) when using the
lcdproc plugin, I noticed that VDR generates contradictory
cStatus::OsdTextItem events.

If an epg item has no description, vdr issues "status:
cStatusTest::OsdTextItem (null) 0" without a previous OsdTextItem call
with the "text" variable set.

According to the comment in "status.h", OsdTextItem called with
text=NULL indicates scrolling a text that was announced by a previous

I think a consistent behaviour in this case would be, not to call
OsdTexItem at all.


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