[vdr] Feature Request: Use preferred audio language for playback of recordings

Richard Lithvall richard at lithvall.se
Sun Mar 5 21:10:15 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

>> Could you implement this? When I setup VDR like this
>> Audio language: French
>> Audio language: Deutsch
>> then during normal live tv zapping everything is in order (= I get
>> French audio). But when I playback a recording I still have to
>> switch manually in case the French track is track 1 and German is track
>> 0.
>> I think this would be nice to have. I'd definitely appreciate it :)
> Doing this for replay isn't as easy as for live tv.
> That's why this doesn't work, yet.

No offense, but wouldn't it be easier to fix this than to answer to all 
those feature req's/bug reports/questions regarding this matter? :-)


1. It's not meant as criticism, I'm deeply impressed of and grateful for 
your work with VDR.
2. One starts to think why no one seems to bother to shim through the 
archives before posting the same issue once more...

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