[vdr] VDR and MythTV

Jesus Bravo Alvarez jba at pobox.com
Sun Mar 5 23:46:56 CET 2006

O Sábado 04 de Marzo de 2006 ás 14:20, Dag dicía:

>Anyway I wonder if there are anyone here that have made this
>"jump" and can tell me what I am going to miss and what I will like
>before I take the big step.

	Here are some of my opinions:

- Channel changes in LiveTV are much faster in VDR (MythTV with DVB-T is
  painful, and I think this still applies to 0.19)  It's also more
  reliable (MythTV 0.18 often crashed when zapping a lot, I don't know if
  it's better now)
- LiveTV is not recorded to disk in VDR, unless you pause it.  This means
  you can't say "I missed that one, let's go back and see it again" as with
- Programming recordings is easier in VDR, especially for non-tech users.
  It's not so heavily epg-oriented as MythTV.  This is good for countries
  like Spain where you can't trust the epg timetables.
- You have DVB radios in VDR, I think they're not yet available in MythTV.

	And about the plugins:

- No (dis)advantages on watching DVDs, and the same for DivX/etc if you use
  xineplayer from xine plugin (it needs no reencoding)
- VDR doesn't compare to MythTV for viewing images.  This is the reason why
  I still stick to MythTV, as my parents spend a lot of time viewing
  photos.  I use MythTV for this, and VDR for everything else.

Unha aperta,
Jesús Bravo Álvarez

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