[vdr] VDR and MythTV

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Tue Mar 7 12:02:24 CET 2006

> Personnaly, I switched to vdr since dvb-t was launched in my area and 
> Mythtv (0.18) disapointed me : slow channel changing, no signal 
> monitoring, buggy support for hardware mpeg2 decoding (nvidia).

Hi Damien,
and thanks for taking your time to give me some hints.

The slow channel  is still there in 0.19. Signal monitoring is there
now, hardware mpeg2 might work now but there is still a very
negative atmosphere  in the Myth community, which bothers me a lot.

> So I adopted vdr and I'm quite happy with it :
> - much better picture with a dxr3 card that is well supported by vdr
> - very light software (no X11 no mysql needed)
> - simpler OSD than MythTV (which was too computerish for my wife).
> - regular updates.
> Now there is Mythtv 0.19 which seems to be a major update and fixes many 
> of the points above.
> But I don't regret my choice and I will go vdr for a while.

Thanks for that, I will see when I get the time to compile VDR and the 
plugins. Among others I need o display the picture through X11 on my not
that good VGA card (ProSavage8).

I guess transferring the recorded programs from Myth is a nobrainer
as hey are in MPG format now.


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