[vdr] VDR and MythTV

Dag Nygren dag at newtech.fi
Tue Mar 7 20:46:04 CET 2006

Thanks for your views.

> 	Here are some of my opinions:
> - Channel changes in LiveTV are much faster in VDR (MythTV with DVB-T is
>   painful, and I think this still applies to 0.19)  It's also more
>   reliable (MythTV 0.18 often crashed when zapping a lot, I don't know if
>   it's better now)

Still crashes and still painfully slow on changing channels....

> - LiveTV is not recorded to disk in VDR, unless you pause it.  This means
>   you can't say "I missed that one, let's go back and see it again" as with
>   MythTV.

Never used that feature anyway, so no problem.

> - Programming recordings is easier in VDR, especially for non-tech users.
>   It's not so heavily epg-oriented as MythTV.  This is good for countries
>   like Spain where you can't trust the epg timetables.

Our EPG is quite good, but the kids and wife wouldn't mind an easier interface

> - You have DVB radios in VDR, I think they're not yet available in MythTV.


I also noticed that VDR can record one stream from the same MUX when you
watch another. If this works it would be very useful here in Finland with
currently two MUX:es and my having only one DVB tuner (so far).

> - No (dis)advantages on watching DVDs, and the same for DivX/etc if you use
>   xineplayer from xine plugin (it needs no reencoding)

That's good as it is in heavy use here.

> - VDR doesn't compare to MythTV for viewing images.  This is the reason why
>   I still stick to MythTV, as my parents spend a lot of time viewing
>   photos.  I use MythTV for this, and VDR for everything else.

This is a disadvantage as we also use this feature. On the other hand isn't the
Myth interface that good either. Need to take a look at this.


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