[vdr] Cryptic recording names in 1.3.44

Rolf Ahrenberg rahrenbe at cc.hut.fi
Wed Mar 8 08:49:54 CET 2006

On Wed, 8 Mar 2006, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:

> Alain Vaslet wrote:
>>> I encounter a strange behavior with vdr 1.3.44. The names of recordings 
>>> are displayed wrong (some cryptic chars).
>> Chose the following settings
>> Show date: yes
>> Show time: yes
>> Show length: no
>> in settings/recording and you will find the cryptic chars I got. Should be 
>> an error in source code I suppose...
> Must be a patched version of VDR - in plain vanilla VDR
> there are no such options.

.. and I cannot reproduce the bug with Liemikuutio, that has the feature 
built in. So you must have some other patches installed (screenshots 
reveals at least the Icon patch).


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