[vdr] tv getting black while epg-scan

Thorsten Heck th-ml+vdr at matha.rwth-aachen.de
Wed Mar 8 10:24:05 CET 2006


> It's possible it may be a problem of VDR, in my config I have a DVB-S
> FF, and DVB-T, I no longer have a dish, and using DVB-S only for the
> great quality of the TV output, so I receive signal only from DVB-T.
> During the EPG scan, vdr probe both card for EPG changes but doesn't
> give the lock back to the Primary DVB device it seems, so screen goes
> black and need you to push any button of the remote to get picture
> back.
> As far as I can remember, I always had this problem with this setup,
> but don't remember having it when i had only the DVB-S.

The same problem exists in setups which use an DXR3-card as output device, 
so that vdr always has to be in transfer-mode. Several members on the 
dxr3plugin-users mailing list seem to have this problem.

With my setup (using one full-featured and one budget DVB-s), I only get 
the black screen when a recording starts. Normally the budget card is the 
source for the transfer mode, but it is also used for the first 
It seems, if the epg-scan has started before the recording started, the 
first (full-featured) card does the epg-scan. If the transfer mode has to 
be stopped on the second card, it doesn't get switched correctly to the 
first card (the logfiles suggest that the epg-scan continues).
Maybe there is a problem in vdr that prevents the correct selection of 
receiving cards.
One thing I noticed: The comments in cDevice::GetDevice() seem to indicate 
that vdr distinguishes full-featured and budget cards with an 
HasDecoder()-call, which returns true for dxr3-devices. 

Best regards,

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