[vdr] lirc w/ vdr working for some time but then ignoring keys ?

Soeren Sonnenburg vdr-ml at nn7.de
Thu Mar 16 15:57:10 CET 2006

Hi all,

I am experiencing difficulties with the lirc-vdr interface. It is
working flawlessly for a couple of minutes (hours) but then suddenly
does not anymore do anything, or ignores 99.9% of the keypresses...
except for the first one (e.g. pressing menu once makes it pop up but
then pressing menu again does not hide it... also no other button works

I checked wether this is a problem with lirc or a problem of vdr and
well lirc is still up and running and other lirc based apps still work.

This is with vdr 1.3.34 but judging from the source of 1.3.44 this will
happen there too (the only change I can see is that cases where lircd is
restarted are trapped).

Any ideas ?
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