[vdr] SourceCaps patch w/rotor

Dave inssomniak at mountaincable.net
Fri Mar 17 21:39:09 CET 2006

I have 2 DVB cards in my vdr machine connected to 3 satellites via a 
dishpro 34 switch, and would like to add a 3rd DVB card to the vdr 
machine connected solely to a rotor HH dish. Whilst leaving the other 2 
working as they are.

Few questions:

Is there a sourcecaps patch for 1.3.44?
Does the rotor plugin allow controlling only a specific DVB card? Or is 
that based on the sources.conf ?

Would my setup.conf be as follows?

SourceCaps = 1 S119W S91W S110W
SourceCaps = 2 S119W S91W S110W
SourceCaps = 3 <every satellite the rotor dish can hit>

The list for sourcecaps = 3 would be long, is there a way to have it 
just use sourcecaps = 3 <everyhing not listed in '1' and '2'>


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