[vdr] VDR and skins

Jan Ekholm chakie at smultron.net
Sun Mar 19 15:19:22 CET 2006


We've been using the DeepBlue skin for quite some time but it seems to have a 
few bugs that I have no idea how to fix so we've been looking at something 
newer. I tried soppalusikka which is a quite nice skin and what we'll be 
using from now on unless nothing else comes out from this mail. :) 

As of 1.3.44 the text2skin plugin no longer seems to work, at least I get a:

vdr: .../libvdr-text2skin.so.1.3.44: undefined symbol: _ZN5cFontC1EPv

when starting VDR, so I guess it requires a patch or two to work. But are 
there any other skins that work with that system apart from DeepBlue? Haven't 
seen too many announcements on this list (no, I don't use any of the huge 
amounts of VDR web forums out there) so I guess either there are no skins 
that people use or there are no text2skin skins. Or? 

The alternative is "native" skins like soppalusikka, but I haven't really seen 
any of those either. 

What do you others use? I prefer to keep my VDR clean, no extra patches at 
all, so something like the EAIO thing (or something similar) are out of the 
question even if they would have nice looks. The patched VDR:s seem to break 
far too often for our tastes.

So, what is the state of the nation when it comes to making VDR look nice?

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