[vdr] [PATCH] Extra remote control keys

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Mon Mar 20 20:39:08 CET 2006

Darren Salt wrote:
> The attached patches provide support for three keys found on some remote
> controls such as the A415 (supplied with various current Hauppauge cards).
> The keys are "repeat", "skip" and "previous channel". The last of these is
> obvious; the other two duplicate the functions of the yellow and green
> buttons during recording playback.
> (If the first two are accepted, I'll apply the third one to xine-lib CVS.)
I also wrote a patch for at least  the 'repeat' and 'skip' key. Previous 
Channel I assigned to a user
key and connected it to zaphistory plugin in keymacros.conf.

I have also made patches for dvd, mp3 and images plugins to use the 2 
new  keys. Unfortunately
not compatible to Darrens VDR patch because the k.... constant names are 

Patches and zaphistory plugin can be found here:

best regards

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