[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-xine-0.7.8 plugin

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Mar 21 00:29:58 CET 2006


I'm pleased to announce release 0.7.8 with a little delay:


2006-03-20: Version 0.7.8

- Fixed HISTORY as it mentioned future releases of VDR (thanks to
   Klaus Schmidinger for reporing this issue).
- Fixed sending video data: the first packet after a Clear() got
   dropped which made editing recordings impossible (thanks to
   Gregoire Favre for reporting this issue).
- Fixed implementation of func_wait as it didn't synchronize VDR and
   xine as expected.
- Adapted vdr-xine to VDR-1.3.44 cOsd::DrawBitmap() (thanks to C.Y.M.
   for reporting this issue).
- Replaced 'prebuffer' by 'buffer' in vdr-xine's setup menu.
- Added new setup parameter "buffer hysteresis" which is added to
   "Live-TV buffer" for determining the initial buffer size which
   must be achieved before replaying switches to normal speed. It is
   recommended to reduce your current buffer setting by the value
   for hysteresis.
- Added PTS prediction to stop prebuffer phase much earlier on
   channels which rarely add PTS to their stream's PES packets.
- Changed buffering to monitor the buffer size during a configureable
   time after the configured buffer size (Live-TV buffer + hysteresis)
   was initially established.
   Whenever the buffer size dropps below the configured value (of Live-
   TV buffer frames), hysteresis is increased by an additional frame
   and the new buffer is established.
- The above changes to buffering allow minimizing the buffer for
   faster zapping on regular channels while not loosing the ability
   to watch some special (mosaic) channels which required larger
   buffer settings.
- Implemented continuous monitoring to reestablish the buffer once
   it drops below the configured value. This allows watching the HDTV
   demo loop on ASTRA HD forever. This feature can be enabled on
   demand in vdr-xine's setup menu, as it might be a performance issue
   on less powerful machines.
- As VDR-1.2.6 lacks c*Repackers, the above changes to buffering do
   not work that precisely with this old VDR version. Just increase
   the buffer values a bit as necessary.
- Fixed an out of range access in OSD scaling code by clipping away
   negative coordinate areas. The segfault was triggered by opening
   the audio track menu on channels with at least 20 tracks while
   VDRs default skins where selected.
- Patched xine to speed up OSD operation when switching audio tracks
   in live TV mode or when showing still frames (e. g. when editing
   cutting marks). This change most likely breaks binary compatibilty
   to other xine plugins.
- Failed to speed up OSD operation in trick speed modes: it would
   require to copy each frame at least while OSD is active, which
   might be a performance issue. So for now, the worst timing for a
   single OSD operation is about 2500 ms in VDR's first slow reverse
   mode. A possible solution might be X11 OSD overlay, as it is
   independent of the video frame, so there is no copying involved.
   But that's still to investigate.
- Implemented OSD scaling in regard to xine's video zoom factor. The
   OSD will now be scaled accordingly for zoom factors > 100 %. As
   determining the zoom factors is an "expensive" operation in xine,
   they are only retrieved when some drawing to the OSD is happening.
   So you won't see an open OSD to immediately change it's size.
- Fixed a segfault in SHQ OSD scaling code by setting the allocated
   memory to 0.
- Updated INSTALL to mention a workaround for xine CVS access, as
   cvs.sourceforge.net was quite unreliable recently.
- Fixed compilation for VDR version 1.2.6 which was only possible by
   dropping auto primary device feature for version < 1.3.32.
- Updated MANUAL accordingly.

For this release I suggest the following xine sources:


Highly recommended for editing old recordings is the following patch:


For details about the patch see:



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mailto:rnissl at gmx.de

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