[vdr] Feature Request: send keys first to skins, while display

Hardy Flor HFlor at web.de
Fri Mar 24 09:53:16 CET 2006

>>> Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de 22.03.2006 18:03:42 >>>
>Hardy Flor wrote:
>> For change the aktion of keys please send the key while display a
osd-object first to the skin.
>> While display to Channelinfo, the skin can change the funktion of
the keys to display to epg-info or quick programming a timer ...

>A skin object doesn't have a ProcessKey() function,
>so it can't receive any keypresses. The skin's sole
>function is to _display_ things - it doesn't implement
>any actual functionality.

And why, the Plugins does not have nevertheless the ProcessKey(...)
then the Plugin must note even only, which display (cSkinDisplayChannel
...)  is active.

How otherwise are the color keys to be changed dependent on represented


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