[vdr] YAepg question

Chad Flynt hoochster at sofnet.com
Fri Mar 24 17:59:56 CET 2006

There is no easy way to adjust any of it.  But if you take a look at the 
yaepg.c file that is where all of the items are defined.  Might play 
around in there, of course keeping a backup.  Hopefully someday we will 
get a new release that will autoscale and maybe add some options to turn 
on and off.  We will have to work on the author for that! :)

Mlists wrote:

>I'm using a recent version of the YAepg plugin and am quite happy with
>it but I have a couple of questions on it --
>Is there any way to change the layout?  My setup doesn't re-scale the
>output and give me the picture in picture small view while the EPG is up
>so that corner is wasted space.  If I can spread the description across
>the top and leave the rest of the area for EPG information, then that
>would be perfect.  
>Also, is there an easy way to change the colors/fonts?  Its ok the way
>it is, but would be cool if I can get it to be translucent or whatever.
>There's also an interesting thing that happens -- occasionally the
>description text jumps with garbage characters in the window.  More
>annoying then anything but it doesn't show the full description all the
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