[vdr] No recording-name in an episode-folder

Patrick Maier maierp at informatik.tu-muenchen.de
Fri Mar 24 18:34:49 CET 2006

Klaus Schmidinger wrote
> Patrick Maier wrote:
>> Something I realized:
>> I'm recording the Simpsons on "Pro Sieben" as a repeating Timer. The 
>> Simpsons do not have a subtitle, so in the Recordings-Menu I see a 
>> subfolder "The Simpsons" but inside the Folder there are only the Times 
>> and Dates of the recording, because there is no subtitle...
>> Would it be possible that if a recording in a episode-folder dores not 
>> have a subtitle, the episode-name would be displayed?
> And where should that episode name come from?
> That's what's typically in the "short text" (or "subtitle", as you
> named it - but I try to avoid that word here, because it collides
> with actual _subtitles_, i.e. written text of the spoken words on
> screen, possibly in a different language).

The episode-name then should be the program-name. So no empty episode-names 
I think this is better than a directory with recordings without a name :)

> You can get this by using the timer name "The Simpsons~The Simpsons", 
> however you have to disable the use-episode-name option, or VDR will again 
> record to another sub-folder.

Sure i could do that, but for me that's a kind of work-around...
It would be great if there is no episode-name, VDR would display the 


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