[vdr] No recording-name in an episode-folder

Oliver Seidel usenet at die-seidels.de
Fri Mar 24 19:12:21 CET 2006


Am Montag, 13. März 2006 23:55 schrieb Patrick Maier:
> Hi Klaus,
> really a great work!!
> Something I realized:
> I'm recording the Simpsons on "Pro Sieben" as a repeating Timer. The
> Simpsons do not have a subtitle, so in the Recordings-Menu I see a
> subfolder "The Simpsons" but inside the Folder there are only the Times and
> Dates of the recording, because there is no subtitle...
> Would it be possible that if a recording in a episode-folder dores not have
> a subtitle, the episode-name would be displayed?

I think it is better then in such a case vdr generates his own "short text"
with a fix prefix like "Episode" or "Folge" and a two or three Digit-Number. 
So you get a directory called "The Simpsons" and in that directory all 
recordings called "Episode 001","Episode 002","Episode 003",....

Is it possible make this changes in vdr?

Greets Oliver

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