[vdr] Announce: vdr-eggtimer-0.9.3

Peter Juszack vdr at unterbrecher.de
Sat Mar 25 14:41:16 CET 2006


    since I could add a great improvement I release a new version of the 
eggtimer plugin.

Improved message displaying for VDR >= 1.3.37. (thanks to Tobias Grimm for bringing light into this)

Any problems with VDR crashes related to eggtimer OSD-messages should be gone with
VDR >= 1.3.37 and vdr-eggtimer >= 0.9.3

It's a difficult topic because displaying OSD-messages from a background thread (like eggtimer) 
is available since VDR 1.3.37. Earlier versions do not offer secure ways to display a message 
from a background thread.
I strongly recommend to use VDR >= 1.3.37 when using OSD message eggtimers.
I do not make any efforts to improve message displaying for older VDR < 1.3.37
because we are shortly before 1.4 release.


Have fun

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