[vdr] YAepg question

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sat Mar 25 19:53:53 CET 2006


C.Y.M wrote:

>> Is there any way to change the layout?  My setup doesn't re-scale the
>> output and give me the picture in picture small view while the EPG is up
>> so that corner is wasted space.  If I can spread the description across
>> the top and leave the rest of the area for EPG information, then that
>> would be perfect.  
> I have found that sometimes the video output driver is what causes the scaling
> to fail.  Because of the scaling issues, I am assuming that you are not using a
> full featured dvb card. If you are using Xine, you might want to test various
> video output drivers.  Some people have luck with xvmc, but XV seems to
> generally work for more setups.  It really depends on the video card you are
> using.  Also, make sure you have uncommented the #define in the Xine makefile
> for yaepg.

Any you'll have to use xine's post plugin vdr_video as it does the 
necessary scaling of the video data. But this kind of scaling doesn't 
work for xine's output drivers xvmc and xxmc as those drivers don't 
decode the image in software, so there is no way to access the decoded 
images and apply any effects.

Hardware scaling doesn't work in this case because xine's OSD is 
typically blended into the video frame in software. Hardware scaling is 
applied afterwards which would scale the OSD too. A possible cheat would 
be to allocate much larger images and to render the OSD at that size so 
that hardware scaling those images would still result in the expected 
output. But allocating such large images is a memory issue and on the 
other hand, most scaling hardware doesn't support those sizes anyway.

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