[vdr] No recording-name in an episode-folder

Patrick Maier maierp at informatik.tu-muenchen.de
Sat Mar 25 23:31:33 CET 2006


From: "Klaus Schmidinger" <Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de>
> Patrick Maier wrote:
>> @Klaus:
>> what do you think about it? :)
> So then you'll get a Recordings menu like
> ---------------------------------------------
> The Simpsons
> 08.01.06 20:00  The Simpsons
> 09.01.06 20:00  The Simpsons
> 10.01.06 20:00  The Simpsons
> 11.01.06 20:00  The Simpsons
> 12.01.06 20:00  The Simpsons
> 13.01.06 20:00  The Simpsons
> 14.01.06 20:00  The Simpsons
> 15.01.06 20:00  The Simpsons
> ---------------------------------------------
> Where exactly is the additional benefit in having the series name
> (which is already listed in the title) repeated for every episode?

The benefit is the nicer look (In my opinion). I think it looks better than 
a completely empty list.
Another possibility is the displaying of the first x characters of the 
description of the recording. That would have the benefit of the additional 
information on the content of the recording. Attached are two versions how 
it could look like :-)

Version 1 takes the first 35 characters of the description of the recording 
adding a "..." if the description is truncated.
Version 2 displays the whole description. With my osd-skin (EgalsTry) the 
Description then scroles.

This are only proposals :-)

> Wouldn't it be a better idea to complain to the broadcaster and
> ask why they don't provide episode titles?

That is an additional step that should be done anyway :-)


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