[vdr] No recording-name in an episode-folder

Oliver Seidel usenet at die-seidels.de
Sun Mar 26 10:07:17 CEST 2006


Am Samstag, 25. März 2006 23:31 schrieb Patrick Maier:
> Hi,
> The benefit is the nicer look (In my opinion). I think it looks better than
> a completely empty list.
> Another possibility is the displaying of the first x characters of the
> description of the recording. That would have the benefit of the additional
> information on the content of the recording. Attached are two versions how
> it could look like :-)
> Version 1 takes the first 35 characters of the description of the recording
> adding a "..." if the description is truncated.
> Version 2 displays the whole description. With my osd-skin (EgalsTry) the
> Description then scroles.

The problem is that the broadcaster which don't send a Subtitle most time send 
also no Description or evrery Time the same. And so you have noch chance to 
find the Film by Name, you must look alltimes to the date. 

I think the record-osd must enhanced with 2 informations.
use episode-numer              YES
used episodenumber start        45

I don't know at the moment some-think about basic-string-Operations, while i 
program in QT. And QT has his own String-Class QString. I hope I do the 
right. When the recordname is generate and "use episode-numer" is yes then 
the recordname is generate like this:

const char *cRecording::Title(char Delimiter, bool NewIndicator, int 
Level,bool useNumber, char[3] Number) const
char buffer[256] = {0};
   titleBuffer = NULL;
   if (Level < 0 || Level == HierarchyLevels()) 
      struct tm tm_r;
      struct tm *t = localtime_r(&start, &tm_r);
      char *s;
      if (Level > 0 && (s = strrchr(name, '~')) != NULL && useNumber) 
         if (strlen(s) == 1) 
            strncpy(buffer, "Episode ") , 8);
            strncpy(buffer, Number) , 3);            
            s = buffer;
      s = name;
      asprintf(&titleBuffer, "%02d.%02d.%02d%c%02d:%02d%c%c%s",

Greets Oliver

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