[vdr] vdr 1.3.44, cutting marks strangeness... (bug)

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Sun Mar 26 22:00:22 CEST 2006


Guido Fiala wrote:

>>> I observed that marks.vdr seems not to be compatible between vdr 1.2.6
>>> and 1.3.44, in 1.3.44 the marks seem to be behind their correct position
>>> about a few minutes.
>> Do you really mean minutes?
> Yes, of course the error is cummulative, the first mark is off about 5 minutes 
> (full length of advertising), the next more and so on.
>>> (i'am using analogtv plugin for recordings, not sat)
>>> The following applies: (ok= marks in correct position, not ok= marks
>>> wrong)
>>> Recording made with 1.2.6, played with 1.2.6     = ok
>>> Recording made with 1.3.44, played with 1.2.6   = ok
>>> Recording made with 1.2.6, played with 1.3.44   = not ok
>>> Recording made with 1.3.44, played with 1.3.44 = not ok
>>> So the error/change may not be in noad nor in analogtv - or is my logic
>>> wrong?
>>> (used noad 0.71 but was same with older noad, with 1.2.6 i have a much
>>> older analogtv plugin than with 1.3.44 but the recordings are
>>> interoperable so i assume no relevant change and it might not a failure
>>> of noad either)
>> Would you please explain, how you did check the correctness?
> I made recordings and let noad run and the cutting marks did not fit under 
> 1.3.44, then i stopped vdr and started 1.2.6 and checked the same recording 
> without touching the marks.vdr file and now the marks are at the correct 
> position. The same procedure the other way around...
>> E. g. do you see a different image, when you position to the same
>> cutting mark under 1.2.6 respectively 1.3.44?
> Yes, different point in video-stream while viewing the progressbar, it seems 
> the marks are moved to the right in the progressbar under 1.3.44 or the 
> "actual position point" is to the left.
> How can i further track down this?

I've just recorded two DVB-S samples with one commercial break, one with 
VDR-1.2.6 and one with VDR-1.3.44 and let noad-0.6.0 create marks.vdr.

Besides two false positives, the cutting marks for the commercial breaks 
were correct for both recordings in any of the above four test cases.

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