[vdr] return break

Burak BAYER bbayer at havelsan.com.tr
Mon Mar 27 08:32:05 CEST 2006

Udo Richter wrote:

> Patrick Gleichmann wrote:
>> Not really important, maybe it is simply a coding style question..
>> I came across some switch-cases (e.g. line 339, vdr.c):
>> case SOME_VALUE:
>>   :
>>   return SOME_CODE;
>>   break;
>> The "break" isn't required.
> I'm not sure, but maybe it helps stupid compilers to fully understand 
> whats happening, and maybe suppress a false warning.
> For example, this function:
>   int foo() { if (bar) return 1; else return 0; }
> ... will trigger a warning in GCC 2.95 because the compiler believes 
> that not all paths return a result, though they do.
> Cheers,
> Udo
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No it isnt  really necessary but i think it is good habit to put break 
statement after a "case". An example of good programming practice.

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