[vdr] Broken links in recordings with long pathnames

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Mon Mar 27 15:53:24 CEST 2006

Mike Constabel wrote:
> I programmed with epgsearch a timer which results in this path on harddisk:
> /video1.0/Information/Gesellschaft/Ripleys_unglaubliche_Welt/Der_Fallschirm-S
> tunt_^B_Mode_aus_Luftpolster-Folie_^B_Der_verbotene_Maden-Käse_^B_Die_Selfmad
> e-Insel_^B_Die_Kürbis-Kombo_^B_Pfeil_im_Kopf_^B_Die_längs+ten_Fingernägel_der
> _Welt_^B_Der_Mann_ohne_Gesicht/2006-03-
> [...]
> As you can see, the link is broken, the target is truncated to 256 Bytes.
> Even on shell I cannot create links longer than 256 Bytes.
> VDR should not create pathes longer 254 Byte, or what do you think?

VDR limits the subtitle part to max 40 characters (see recording.c, 
MAX_SUBTITLE_LENGTH), so my guess is that epgsearch doesn't handle this 



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